TIA’14 – this is Africa 2014

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Afripix-35 Afripix-34 Afripix-1 Afripix-33 Afripix-32 Afripix-31 Afripix-30 Afripix-29 Afripix-28 Afripix-27 Afripix-26 Afripix-25 Afripix-24 Afripix-23 Afripix-22 Afripix-21 Afripix-20 Afripix-19 Afripix-18 Afripix-17 Afripix-16 Afripix-15 Afripix-14 Afripix-13 Afripix-12 Afripix-11 Afripix-10 Afripix-9 Afripix-8 Afripix-7 Afripix-6 Afripix-5 Afripix-4 Afripix-3 Afripix-2



4 Maturantinnen, 1 Ziel: Wirtschaft mit Zukunft

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Die ELIAS Infrarotheizung

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Vorstellung der ELIAS Infrarotheizung der T4L GmbH: 100% Made in Austria! mehr infos auf: http://infrarotheizung-elias.com

2. GAIA HHO Workshop

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 Video über den 2. GAIA Workshop zum Bau der vollautomatischen Wasserstoffzelle – ein Forschungsprojekt des Vereins GAIA. Die HHO Zellen können in Verbindung mit einem Wärmetauscher zum Heizen bzw. zum Schweißen verwendet werden. Mehr auf www.gaia-energy.org

Portfolio [nature | abstract | corporate | product ]

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MilkywayMoonset Butterflieger KaralaB-FashionShow DarkColour GlowingHeart Hot StuffPortfolio_T4L-12 Portfolio_T4L-11 Portfolio_T4L-10 Portfolio_T4L-8 Portfolio_T4L-7 Portfolio_T4L-6 Portfolio_T4L-5 Portfolio_T4L-2 Portfolio_T4L_Voglauer-12  Portfolio_T4L_Voglauer-9  Portfolio_T4L_Voglauer-7 Portfolio_T4L_Voglauer-2 Portfolio_T4L_Voglauer Portfolio_T4L Portfolio_Natur-7 Portfolio_Natur-4  Portfolio_Natur-2 Portfolio_Natur Portfolio_MACRO-4  Portfolio_MACRO-2 Portfolio_MACRO Portfolio_LowLight Portfolio_Abstract-7 Portfolio_Abstract-5 Portfolio_Abstract-4 Portfolio_Abstract-2 Portfolio_Abstract

Portfolio [Random 2009-12]

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Portfolio_2009-12--33 Portfolio_2009-12--31 Portfolio_2009-12--28 Portfolio_2009-12--27 Portfolio_2009-12--26 Portfolio_2009-12--25 Portfolio_2009-12--24 Portfolio_2009-12--22 Portfolio_2009-12--21 Portfolio_2009-12--20 Portfolio_2009-12--19 Portfolio_2009-12--18 Portfolio_2009-12--17 Portfolio_2009-12--16 Portfolio_2009-12--15 Portfolio_2009-12--14 Portfolio_2009-12--12 Portfolio_2009-12--11 Portfolio_2009-12--9 Portfolio_2009-12--7 Portfolio_2009-12--6 Portfolio_2009-12--5 Portfolio_2009-12--3 Portfolio_2009-12--2


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Thank you for your awesome crane :) I look forward to seeing you again.


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The other day I was floating around in space and time when suddenly, from the far side of the known multiverse, a visitor appeared…

Southern Lights

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Take a moment to enjoy the ride: Feel the power building up all around you just as lightning strikes close by. Watch the earth rumble under the growl of thunder as you look up to the sky and pray for more.